Digimon Ghost Game


First year junior high school student Hiro Amanokawa activates a mysterious device left by his father called a 'Digivice,' resulting in unknown creatures that can't be seen by the average person—Digimon—becoming visible to him. Since the day he met Gammamon, a mischievous Digimon that was entrusted to him by his father, Hiro has been caught up in various strange phenomena. There is a 'Mouth-stitched Man' who steals human time, and a 'Mummy Man' who wanders around every night kidnapping humans...Hologram Ghosts are nearby, and are targeting us...From here on, this is a story about the other side of the world that no one is aware of. Together with Gammamon and his friends, Hiro sets foot into a mysterious world inhabited by Digimon.