Hello, world!

As we’re getting used to running SubsPlease, we thought it’s about the right time to make a post on the site. Some of you might remember our reddit post from a few months ago.

What is SubsPlease?

SubsPlease’s goal is to provide fast and timely English subtitled anime immediately after they are simulcasted. Above all, we value consistency and we aim to fill in the void that was left by HorribleSubs. We want you to be able to come to our site and download seasonal anime right after they’re simulcasted. For easy downloading, we will also batch our shows at the end of the season for those who prefer to binge watch.

What modifications do you make to your releases?

We do not touch the video and audio of our files. However, we do two things to our subtitles, both of which are fully automated:

  1. We style the dialog (lines being spoken) with Roboto, but for typesetting (translation of signs), we keep the original style.
  2. For Funimation shows, we do our best to split the typesetting from the dialog to make it more watchable. See below for an example:



A little more about us

The team has been doing rips for private consumption for a few years because we were annoyed at the errors in the popular releases at the time. We’re not completely new to the game, so that’s why things have been going smoothly for the large part.

We also want you to know that we’re not in this to make a quick buck. For now, we’re completely self-funded and we’re not going to ask for donations or put ads on the site. We love anime and we want to share it with everyone. To be transparent, we do eventually hope for this project to be self-sufficient, but that’s not an immediate priority.

How can I help?

Again, please seed our files for as long as you can, especially our batch files when we release them. Our goal is to spread the joy of anime and seeding helps with that. Also, let your friends who are looking for a HorribleSubs replacement know that we exist!

Any other questions?

Feel free to reply in the comments below or you can find us in our IRC channel or Discord server.