We care! Batches, VRV, and more

Happy new year! We care about our work and about you, and that’s why we want to notify you of some changes we’ve been making.


At the end of every season, everything will be re-ripped from the source and packaged as a batch file. This serves two purposes:

  1. Any updates to the subtitle files or video files like typo fixes will get picked up. This is why you will see “v2” or sometimes even “v3” in the batch releases.
  2. Batches mean all files are consolidated into a single set of torrents, making it easier to seed for the long run. Please seed!

VRV releases

We’ve added VRV support now. As seen, sometimes the video quality is higher on VRV. Shows in the future that will benefit from using VRV as a video source will do so. Both batches for DanMachi S3 and Gochiusa S3 have been updated with VRV as a video source.


For Funimation shows, we’ll be moving to 540p for SD releases in the upcoming season. The filesizes aren’t that much bigger, but it should be much more watchable for those who are torrenting on their phones.


Some of you have asked us about donating. As we’ve mentioned in our previous post, we won’t ever ask/beg for donations or threaten to shut down because of a lack of money. To be fully transparent, we might add some ads on the site in the future as it’s in our goal to have SubsPlease be self-sufficient (right now we’re paying out of our own pockets for all the servers, etc). However, that is not a priority right now. All we ask of you is to seed.

See an issue? Tell us!

We’re incredibly active on our Discord server. If you see an issue with a release, or if you see that something is missing, please let us know via Discord. We care and that’s why we’re typically very responsive.

We wish you all a great 2021. Till next time.